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Seven Signs And Symptoms That Should Send You Straight To The Doctor

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There are definitely times that warrant a visit to your family provider or local hospital. Symptoms, side-effects, and signs of trouble could be an indication of a serious underlying condition, and delaying treatment could be dangerous. It there are serious side-effects associated to medications that you are prescribed, the professionals at Trans Alliance Med & Drugs will inform you of such risks. In many situations, your medical prognosis improves with early diagnosis, treatment, and intervention.
If you suddenly notice any of these symptoms, side-effects, or signs, see your doctor:
1.Difficulty Breathing
If you begin to experience difficulty breathing or respiratory distress, call for emergency medical assistance. If you can't breathe, you could lose consciousness before you are able to reach out for help. Often times, an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock can result in a constriction of your airway; this requires medical intervention, usually an epi-pen or similar allergy medication.
2.High Fever
While a fever may not seem like a reason to hurry to the hospital, a fever of over 103-degrees merits medical attention. Also, if you have an elevated temperature that has lasted for more than 72 hours, call your provider immediately. A high fever for an extended period of time can have dire consequences including organ failure and brain inflammation, which could lead to permanent damage if left untreated.
Vomiting can purge your system of whatever is making you nauseous or queasy, but if you experience persistent vomiting, consult with a medical professional immediately. Every time that you vomit, you lose hydration, electrolytes and essential minerals that can cause complications and illness. Call for help and to stay hydrated, as well as to alleviate your purging.
If you experience hallucinations or severe bouts of confusion, contact a medical provider. Medications can cause symptoms such as visual and olfactory hallucinations, and your doctor needs to be made aware of this side-effect. Also, it could be a result of a profound change in your body's chemistry, such as from an infection.
5.Chest Pain
Chest pain is nothing to mess around with; while it frequently could be a symptom of acid-reflux or heartburn, radiating pains may also be a sign of an issue with your heart. Chest pain that occurs along with a pain down your arms, extremities, and even in your jaw can be symptomatic of a heart problem; see a doctor immediately.
Persistent or frequent fainting is a sign of an underlying issue, either a deficiency or a problem that warrants medical attention. See your provider to prevent unanticipated episodes of fainting, as well as to prevent the subsequent injuries that can occur when you collapse unexpectedly. Furthermore, your provider may want to run a battery of tests to determine what is happening and how to treat it.
7.Weight Loss
If you seem to be losing weight without trying, this could be a sign of a medical condition that your doctor should be made aware of. An unexplained weight loss can be a sign of illness, disease, or infection, so see your provider for an evaluation and assessment. Depending on the underlying cause, early diagnosis could lead to far better prognoses and favorable outcomes.
Talk to the pharmacy professionals at Trans Alliance Med & Drugs to determine what signs and side-effects you can expect from your prescribed and over-the-counter medications. Make sure that you follow-up with a doctor when experiencing any of these seven symptoms, particularly if you are a child, senior, or have a preexisting medical condition, like diabetes or asthma. These vulnerable populations have increased risk factors that make it prudent to seek medical help when symptoms first manifest.